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Wound dressings

Exudate management and soft debridement

A unique range of sizes and different product variants makes curea P1 a proven all-rounder for the special needs of our users and patients.

curea P1

The classic for improved wound healing and more quality of life

curea P1 easy

The “third hand” for more comfortable dressing changes

Sensitive exudate management where it is required

curea P2 includes a non-sticking interface layer and is the soft alternative for exuding wounds with fresh granulation tissue, sensitive peri-wound skin and burning wounds.

curea P2

Non-sticking to the wound for atraumatic dressing changes

Exudate management for malodorous wounds

curea active wound dressings quickly get rid of nagging wound odour and thus bring back a great deal of quality of life for those affected and their relatives.

In addition, they bind bacteria in a purely physical way and are therefore also excellent against fighting infections.

curea P2 active

Exudate management, non-sticking to the wound and odour reduction

Non-sterile exudate management

curea clean has been developed for the treatment of
exuding wounds in countries not requiring a sterile
wound dressing.

curea clean

Non-sterile wound dressing for the use as a secondary wound dressing.

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