curea clean breathable

Non-sterile exudate management with breathable back side

curea clean breathable is a non-sterile wound dressing with a breathable and fluid-impermeable back side for the use as a secondary wound dressing. It has been developed for the treatment of light to heavy exuding wounds where a sterile wound dressing is not mandatory.

  • Secure binding of excessive exudate in the SuperCore®
  • Binding and reduction of germs and MMPs
  • Binding of high viscosity exudate (e.g. whole blood)
  • Soft debridement by dressing change
  • Reduced risk of wound maceration
  • High absorption and retention even under compression
  • Keeps the wound moist (no drying out of the wound)
  • Will maintain shape throughout usage
  • Blue back side for reduced risk of false application
  • Printed blue back side for reduced risk of false application
  • Light to heavy exuding wounds
  • Chronic wounds: Ulcus cruris (UCV, UCM, UCA), diabetic foot syndrome, pressure ulcers
  • Acute wounds
  • Wounds with concomitant injuries
SizeCore dimensionPackaging unit
10 x 10 cm7 x 7 cm80 pieces
10 x 20 cm7 x 17 cm40 pieces
20 x 20 cm17 x 17 cm20 pieces
20 x 30 cm17 x 27 cm20 pieces
curea clean BTBS

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